North-West College (NWC) Honors Student Stars and Ambassadors at Fall Luncheon

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North-West College (NWC) Honors Student Stars and Ambassadors at Fall Luncheon
Event Recognizes Students Who Continue to Raise the Standard of Excellence at NWC

WEST COVINA, Calif.—On Wednesday, November 6, North-West College honored 37 students for their outstanding service and academic achievements as part of its Student Recognition Program. Designed to promote and recognize excellence throughout its student body, the program brings together Student Stars and Student Ambassadors for a special luncheon at South Hills Country Club with members of the College’s Executive Committee.

“We were excited to be able to honor these individuals who are raising the bar in their studies and as peer mentors in their programs,” explained Chief Operating Officer Beylor Meza, who hosted the luncheon along with several members of NWC’s leadership. “It was incredible to hear these students’ stories and to understand what this honor meant for them.”

Student Stars and Student Ambassadors are chosen on a quarterly basis, with each NWC campus choosing two Stars and one Ambassador. Student Stars are those individuals who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in their studies, whether as an Outstanding Academics Star, Campus Impact Star, Emerging Leadership Star, Stick to It Star, or Outstanding Volunteer Star.

Student Ambassadors serve as peer mentors for the student body and bring positive energy to the College’s community every day. They are individuals other students look up to or feel they can talk to if they don’t feel comfortable sharing with a Team Member. In addition to the luncheon, both Stars and Ambassadors are recognized on their campus and at Commencement.

“The students who came together represented a variety of programs and a number of different NWC campuses,” Meza shared, “but they all shared the same drive and dedication to excellence. We are proud to call them North-West College students and can’t wait to see the way they transform their communities for the better once they graduate!”

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