North-West College and Glendale Career College Celebrate National Nurses Week by Giving Back to Local Nurses

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Doug Cowley

North-West College and Glendale Career College Celebrate National Nurses Week by Giving Back to Local Nurses
College Students Honor the Role Nurses Play in Providing Quality Health Care

WEST COVINA, Calif.—From May 6 to 12, North-West College (NWC) and Glendale Career College (GCC) will observe National Nurses Week, marking the occasion by recognizing nurses serving the surrounding communities. As a way of expressing appreciation for the vital role nurses play on the front lines of the health care field, Massage Therapy students from North-West College’s West Covina, Pasadena, and Pomona campuses will provide free massages to nurses working in local hospitals and clinics throughout the week.

“We are glad to be able to honor the nurses in our community and recognize everything they do to improve the health of their patients,” shared Corporate Director of Facilities and Internal Compliance Shirley Powell. “These massages are just a small thank you to these nurses, but will hopefully offer a welcome break from their hard work.”

In addition to offering massages, North-West College and Glendale Career College are partnering with several local health facilities to provide special items of recognition for their nurses, along with raffle prizes donated by NWC and GCC. Nurses Week also affords both Colleges a chance to share about their Nursing programs.

“We are excited to bring awareness to the all-important field of nursing and connect individuals interested in pursuing it as a career with our high quality training,” Powell said.

North-West College and Glendale Career College are leaders in allied health education and have celebrated Nurses Week since it first began in 1990, when the American Nurses Association declared May 6–12 as a weeklong celebration of the profession. May 6 marks National RN Recognition Day with National Student Nurses Day falling just two days later, on May 8.

“Each year, North-West College and Glendale Career College are proud to be part of continuing this tradition of honoring these everyday heroes in our communities,” Powell explained.

To learn more about the Nursing programs offered at North-West College and Glendale Career College, please call 800-NEW-CAREER or contact Michelle MacIntyre at

About North-West College
Founded in 1966, North-West College has been committed to training individuals to enter and advance in the health care field for 50 years. A leader in allied health education, the College offers short-term programs at seven campuses throughout Southern California, including West Covina, Pomona Valley, Pasadena, Glendale, Riverside, Santa Ana, and Long Beach. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE), North-West College offers a supportive educational environment for those ready to start a health care career. To date, the College has graduated more than 45,000 students—individuals who have gone on to raise the standard of excellence at health care organizations of all types.

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